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  1. a collage of bakery dough with a large Shaffer Mixer in the foreground

    Bakery Mixers Upgrades & Assessments

    Our parts and service team at Shaffer have over 150 combined years of first-hand experience in serving the global baking industry. From servicing mixers and dough handling equipment to upgrading current equipment, our team can help your industrial bakery achieve its goals. Field Services Offered by Shaffer We offer a wide range of service options…

  2. A collage showcasing Shaffer Equipment and a service rep

    Professional Service for Professional Results

    Our team of professional technicians at Shaffer have extensive experience providing service to bakeries around the world. Whether you need start-up assistance, employee training, or want to develop a preventive maintenance or replacement parts program, our team of engineers and professional technicians can help you achieve your goals. Service Details We offer a wide-range of…

  3. A Shaffer replacement bowl with dough in it

    Replacement Bowls for Horizontal Mixers

    Shaffer is the leading expert in replacement bowl design and installation in the industrial baking industry. Our engineering, manufacturing, and service staff all have hands-on experience designing, building, and installing bowls for Shaffer, BEW, BP, Peerless, AMF, and APV brand mixers.  Aftermarket/Technical Service Manager, Johnathan Hale, explains the process for determining and installing a new…