Dough Chunkers

Shaffer® Dough Chunkers feed chunks of dough from the mixer area to downstream dividers or forming equipment. These machines can be used in the production of breads, buns, pizza crusts, flour tortillas, and more.

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    Heavy Duty Tubular Stainless Steel Frame Construction mounted on heavy duty casters

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    Stainless Steel Sloped Dough Hopper

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    Variable Frequency Controls to match downstream equipment line speeds

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    Removable Discharge Conveyor for easy sanitation

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    Designed for Wash Down with NEMA 4X operator and starter enclosures

Additional Features
  • Production Rates Over 29000 lb/hr available on standard models
  • UL, cUL Compliant Controls
  • BISSC Certified
  • ANSI, USDA, and CE Compliant
Optional Features
  • Vertical or Incline Dough Conveyor Mounted to or Independent of Dough Chunker
  • Dough Level Sensor
  • Manual or Automatic Traversing Systems; rod is raised and mounted to mixer
  • Back Splash
  • Operator Controls Integrated with Mixer
  • Dough Thermometer
  • Hopper Oiler
  • Load Cells
  • Perimeter Guarding or Light Curtains on Hopper

*STONEKOTE® is a registered trademark of E. L. Stone Company.



Model Numbers
Model*Hopper Volume (cu ft)Hopper Capacity (lb)Maximum Production Rate (lb/hr)

Standard chunker cutter length and horsepower: 24″ with 2 HP drive, 40″ & 53″ with HP drive, 60″ with 5 HP drive. Capacity is calculated based on 55 pounds per cubic foot.

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