A collage showcasing Shaffer Equipment and a service rep

June 9, 2020

Professional Service for Professional Results

Our team of professional technicians at Shaffer have extensive experience providing service to bakeries around the world. Whether you need start-up assistance, employee training, or want to develop a preventive maintenance or replacement parts program, our team of engineers and professional technicians can help you achieve your goals.

Service Details

We offer a wide-range of parts and service packages to meet the needs of your bakery. Whether you are short-staffed in maintenance and need assistance with preventive procedures, want to train your staff to better care for your equipment, or need immediate service, we can help.

  • Start-Up Assistance – Schedule one of our service technicians to provide professional oversight and support for the installation of your Shaffer equipment.
  • Employee training – Whether you need to train employees on new equipment or new employees on existing equipment, our team is available to help.
  • Preventive Maintenance – Preventive maintenance is a great way to ensure a long and efficient life of your equipment. Our staff can provide scheduled inspection, detection and, if needed, corrective service to prevent urgent maintenance issues. If your mixer has components that are showing age or require upgrades to mechanical, electrical, or computer systems, our technicians can evaluate your equipment on-site and offer suggestions to improve operational efficiencies.
  • Replacement Parts Program – Set-up a replacement parts program so that we can make sure you have the common high-wear parts or long-lead items that you need to keep your equipment and bakery running smoothly.
  • 24/7 Service – You can feel confident in knowing that we have a 24/7 hotline available for emergency parts, service, and guidance.

More than Shaffer

Bakeries utilizing multiple brands of equipment can rely on Shaffer for everything from new bowl replacements to electrical upgrades and more.   Our service team has over 110 combined years of first-hand experience installing and servicing mixers and dough handling equipment from various manufacturers. “We want our customers’ bakeries to run efficiently and successfully no matter what brand of equipment they use. It’s part of our mission to support the global baking industry in any way that we are capable,” states Aaron Lynch, Field Service Manager for Shaffer.

As a manufacturer of industrial mixers and dough processing equipment, Lynch makes one thing clear about Shaffer’s equipment service program: “Our main goal is to ensure that your bakery is up and running, safely and efficiently.”

For more information on our equipment service, please contact Aaron Lynch or submit your information in the form below.