Triple Roller Bar Mixers

Shaffer® Triple Roller Bar Mixers are engineered to meet your bakery’s specific needs.

  1. Custom Frame with Enclosed, or Open Frame design​

  2. Sanitary, stainless Steel construction

  3. Exclusive VerTech refrigeration jacket and bowl design for more durable bowl, shorter mix times, and cooler doughs

  4. Hydraulic Bowl Tilt for forward or two-way tilt

  5. Touch screen operator interface, PLC controls and push buttons with universal labels

Additional Features
  • Metal Detectable, Positive Pressure Bowl Seals
  • NEMA 4X water-tight enclosures where applicable
  • Rotary Face Agitator Shaft Seals (U.S. Patent No. 10,174,842)
  • UL, cUL Compliant Controls
  • BISSC Certified
  • ANSI, USDA and CE Compliant
Optional Features
  • Refrigerated Agitator (U.S. Patent No. 9,295,956)
  • Refrigerated Breaker Bar
  • Y-T Asymmetrical (Stant Bar) Agitator
  • Custom electrical, operator Interface and PLC Packages
  • Load Cells
  • Dough Trough, Pump or Chunker integration
  • Clean-in-Place System
Model Numbers
HS6600 lb / 273 kg21.2 cu ft / 601 L
HS8800 lb / 364 kg23.9 cu ft / 676 L
HS101,000 lb / 455 kg27.9 cu ft / 789 L
HS131,300 lb / 590 kg36.5 cu ft / 1,032 L
HS161,600 lb / 727 kg49.9 cu ft / 1,414 L
HS202,000 lb / 909 kg57.2 cu ft / 1,619 L
HS252,500 lb / 1,136 kg75 cu ft / 2,124 L
HS282,800 lb / 1,273 kg81 cu ft / 2,292 L
HS323,200 lb / 1,458 kg94.8 cu ft / 2,683 L

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