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January 25, 2021

Bakery Mixers Upgrades & Assessments

Our parts and service team at Shaffer have over 150 combined years of first-hand experience in serving the global baking industry. From servicing mixers and dough handling equipment to upgrading current equipment, our team can help your industrial bakery achieve its goals.

Field Services Offered by Shaffer

We offer a wide range of service options to meet the needs of your bakery.

  • Start-Up Assistance – Schedule one of our service technicians to provide professional oversight and support for the installation of your Shaffer equipment.
  • Equipment Repair – Inevitably, there will be times when equipment fails to work properly. When this happens, our team can help you determine the cause and get your equipment back up and running in a timely manner.
  • 24/7 Service – You can feel confident in knowing that we have a 24/7 hotline available for emergency parts, service, and guidance. Please call 888.508.1298.
  • Preventive Maintenance – Our staff can provide a scheduled inspection, detection and if needed, corrective service to prevent urgent maintenance issues. If your mixer has components that are showing age or require upgrades to mechanical, electrical, or computer systems, our technicians can evaluate your equipment on-site and offer suggestions to improve operational efficiencies.
  • Employee Training – Whether you need to train employees on new or existing equipment, our team is available to help. Our training programs include maintenance, operations, and sanitation.

Mixer Upgrades & Assessments by Shaffer

One of the best ways to keep your mixers in top operational condition and stay up to date on the latest in mixing technology is to have a Shaffer representative complete an evaluation/assessment of your bakery’s mixers. With vast experience servicing mixers of all types, our team can assist you with the following:

  • Maintenance tips and techniques
  • Best preventive maintenance practices
  • Upgrades to your mixers that will aid in sanitation and durability
  • Spare parts review to ensure that you have critical spares that are needed
  • Thorough inspection of mixers’ critical components (agitator, bowl, and drive)
  • Latest mixer features/technology and advice on how they can be incorporated into your current mixers

Below are examples of what our customers are doing to make their mixers better and more efficient:

Shaffer is the leading expert in replacement bowl design and installation in the industrial baking industry. Our engineering, manufacturing, and service staff all have hands-on experience designing, building, and installing bowls for Shaffer, BEW, BP, Peerless and AMF brand mixers. Not sure when a mixer needs a bowl replacement? If you are experiencing bowl jacket leaks, bowl structural failures or need to change the type of refrigeration being used, it is time to replace the bowl. Mixer bowls take a lot of abuse and cooling jackets will wear out over time, especially when mixing low absorption products. When a bowl is about ten to fifteen years old, we often see the need for it to be replaced.

New bowls can be manufactured in approximately twelve to fourteen weeks from the time of order. Bowls equipped with the  VerTech® Refrigeration Jacket offer bakeries peak performance and efficiency, with the most effective and energy efficient bowl cooling available. Once replacement bowls have been manufactured and delivered to your facility, our team can perform an on-site bowl replacement in an average of two to three days, depending upon factors including: size of the mixer, accessibility to the mixer, if the mixer or surrounding equipment needs moved, and the downtime schedule of the bakery. Agitators, shaft seals, and bowl tilting mechanisms can also be replaced at this time. Making the most of this downtime will prove extremely advantageous in the years to come.

For more information on our mixer upgrades and assessments, please contact Johnathan Hale.

Johnathan Hale
Tel: 937.652.4480
Direct Line: 937.652.9894
Email: jhale@shaffermixers.com