Parts & Service

With 110+ years of combined experience servicing horizontal dough mixers & dough processing equipment, our world class team services Shaffer equipment and virtually any other industrial mixer manufacturer including BEW, Peerless, AMF and more.

Replacement Bowls

Triple Roller Bar Industrial Mixer with Enclosed Frame Design

Shaffer is the leading expert in replacement bowl design and installation. Our engineering, manufacturing and service staff all have hands-on experience designing, building and installing bowls for Shaffer, BEW, BP, Peerless, and AMF brand mixers.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Exclusive VerTech® Refrigeration Jacket
  • 304 Stainless steel construction
  • U-shaped, Super Bowl, “D”, or “D-Modified”
  • Bowl end cooling (optional)
  • Breaker bar with red Nyoil bushings
  • Cold bar (optional)
  • Shaffer Rotary Face Agitator Shaft Seals come standard with new bowl order
  • Bowl drain valve (optional)
  • Positive pressure bowl side seals
  • UHMW rear contact bowl seal acts as a canopy scraper
  • Heavy-duty bowl mounting spacers provide easy access to agitator shaft seals
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Two 9’ long refrigeration hoses
  • Thermometer probe
  • Built for glycol or DX cooling
  • Custom bowl lips
  • Built to BISSC standards
  • Custom Bowl Lip Lengths Available
  • High-Speed Mixers
  • Double Sigma Mixers
  • Single Sigma Mixers
  • Non-Jacketed Options Available

Equipment Service

Shaffer’s trained and experienced parts and service team is here to ensure that your equipment operates efficiently, effectively and for as long as possible. Whether you need start-up assistance, employee training or want to develop a preventive maintenance or replacement part program, our team of engineers and professional technicians can help you achieve your goals.

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With over 110 combined years of experience installing and servicing mixers and dough handling equipment, the Shaffer team can handle virtually all of your service needs, even across mixer manufacturers. Bakeries utilizing multiple brands of equipment can rely on Shaffer for everything from new bowl replacements to electrical upgrades and more!


Start the life of your mixer off on the right foot by arranging a Shaffer technician to assist with equipment installation and start-up. During the visit, on-site training can be scheduled for your personnel.


You can count on our team of professionals in the event that equipment is down or simply needs a tune-up. Whether pre-scheduled or an emergency, the Shaffer service team will help get your bakery up and running as quickly as possible.


The Shaffer service team offers training programs tailored to your staff including mixer operators, sanitation specialists and maintenance personnel. We also offer custom programs for anyone in your organization who needs a better working knowledge of our equipment and its safe operation, sanitation and maintenance.


Preventive maintenance is a great way to ensure the long and efficient working life of your equipment. Our qualified staff will provide scheduled inspection, detection and, if needed, corrective service to prevent urgent maintenance issues.


If your mixer has components that are showing age or require upgrades to mechanical, electrical or computer systems, our technicians can evaluate your equipment onsite and offer suggestions to improve operational efficiencies.


Speak with our parts department about our replacement parts program to ensure that you are never out of the high-wear items needed to run your equipment smoothly, with minimal downtime.