Design Innovations

Shaffer’s innovative designs have moved the entire industry forward. Our commitment to innovation has resulted in designs that provide intelligent solutions to bakeries around.

VerTech® Refrigeration Jacket

The Shaffer VerTech® refrigeration jacket offers bakeries peak performance and efficiency, with the most effective, durable and energy efficient bowl cooling available. The VerTech® jacket is specifically designed for triple roller bar mixers that demand mixing durability; easily holding up to stiff doughs and high HP machines.

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Maximum Quality Control

The VerTech® refrigeration jacket is manufactured in discrete steps with three definitive inspection points for maximum quality control.

Ultimate Cooling

The VerTech® refrigeration jacket comes standard on all Shaffer® Triple Roller Bar Mixers.

For additional dough cooling needs, we offer:

  • Refrigerated agitator cooling (U.S. Patent No. 9,295,956)
  • Breaker bar cooling
Retrofits a Variety of Mixers

VerTech® jackets can also be retrofit for the following mixers:

  • Shaffer
  • Peerless
  • BEW
  • AMF
  • BP
  • APV
40x Lasting Power of Conventional Jackets

In accelerated fatigue testing on a fullscale model, using over twice the force of a low absorption dough, the VerTech® jacket lasted over 40x longer than other conventional jackets.

Reduces Stress on Channel Material and Weld Joints

New design is engineered to distribute dough force over a larger area and results in 75% reduction of stress on channel material and 63% reduction of stress on weld joints.

Energy Efficient

New design provides same heat transfer with up to 46% reduction in pressure drop over corrugated jacket with turbulence pins, resulting in less energy to operate the glycol system.

Accelerated Fatigue Test Results

Results from finite element analysis and full-scale, accelerated fatigue testing

  • Reduced stress on refrigeration channels by 75%
  • Reduced stress on weld joints by 63%
  • Reduced glycol system pressure drop (compared with a corrugated jacket with turbulence pins) by 46%
  • Increased life of jacket by 40%

Removable Flour Gate

Shaffer Flour Gate Assembly Kit
Shaffer Design Innovations

The Shaffer® Removable Flour Gate assembly is designed to be easily removed from the canopy to provide access for thorough cleaning of the assembly and area around the flour gate.

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Tool-Free Removal

The flour gate assembly uses hand knobs that are integrated into the housing to provide toll-free removal and prevent the loss of hardware.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

The flour gate assembly can be removed in under 1-minute which provides easy access to all components for thorough cleaning. This also allows the area under the assembly to be fully cleaned. Airlines and proximity switch cables are never removed ensuring proper machine function with reassembly.

Highest Level Sanitation

Thorough sanitation of the flour gate assembly and surrounding area, eliminates sources of allergen contamination and provides a clear check for critical point in HACCP evaluation.


The flour gate assembly is compatible with both standard and BFM flour socks. The assembly can even be retrofit to existing mixers with some minor adjustments to the existing canopy.

Refrigerated Agitator Assembly

Shaffer’s patented refrigerated agitator (U.S. Patent No. 9,295,956) design for single end drive mixers decreases dough temperatures by 3° to 5° F to stabilize and maintain your dough’s ideal temperature. The refrigerated agitator assembly can be retrofitted into existing mixers to provide the most powerful cooling system in the baking industry.

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  • Retrofits to current Shaffer or Peerless roller bar and Y-T mixers (ask your service representative about additional applications)
  • For use with glycol cooling system
  • Alternative to updating current glycol system
  • Reduces ice usage
  • Ideal for maintaining: muffin, bread, bun, bagel and frozen dough temperatures
  • Most reliable system for reducing and improving control of dough temperatures
  • Can be shut off when needed to maintain efficiency
  • Exclusive Shaffer technology proven for 20 years

Rotary Face Agitator Shaft Seals

Shaffer Shaft Seals

Rotary Face Agitator Shaft Seal (U.S. Patent No. 10,174,842) assembly from Shaffer provides bakeries with an effective, efficient and sanitary solution for sealing between the agitator shaft and mixing bowl.

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Effective Sealing Technology

Seal assembly is designed specifically for dough mixers to effectively seal between the bowl end and agitator shaft with minimal parts.

Easy Sanitation

Only one tool is required to perform sanitation procedure and seals can simply be sprayed with water (tool-free option available).

Worry-Free Inspection

There are no enclosed cavities that cannot be visually inspected for dough leakage.

Consistent Seal

Stationary locking ring assembly assures that all parts are spaced for optimal sealing every time. No adjustment is required when re-installing seals.

Eliminates Shaft Damage

Shaft seal assembly does not rub on the surface of the shaft and no positive air pressure is needed for sealing.

Economical Maintenance

Shaft seal assembly components are inexpensive.

Double Arm Triple Sweep Agitator

Shaffer Triple Roller Bar Mixer - Open Frame Design

Shaffer® Double Arm Triple Sweep Agitators (U.S. Patent No. 10,034,479) provide the fastest, most consistent mix for wire-cut doughs, granola, energy bars and other products at batch sizes above 2,000 pounds.

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Consistent Mix

The blade design was engineered to specific angles and spacing to maximize the mixing action all the way to the sides of the bowl, providing a more thorough mix of product at every bowl and batch size.

Faster Mix

The more efficient mixing movement of the blades and edge-to-edge mixing results in a faster mix time.

Unparalleled Incorporation

The blade angle and faster mix time incorporates fragile particulates quicker resulting in less damage to the particles and a higher quality final product.

Energy Efficient

Because the mix time is shortened, bakeries can save energy on every batch.